The Europa World of Learning
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Every entry page in The Europa World of Learning comprises two main elements:

The Table of Contents, on the left-hand side of the screen, indicates the location of the current page (displayed in red) within the site structure and provides the opportunity to browse within the same chapter.

The top item in the Table of Contents indicates the current chapter. Other items include the main chapter sections and the pages immediately above the one currently displayed. All items in the Table of Contents are hyperlinks and can be used to browse within the chapter.

Entry details appear near the middle of the screen. The blue heading immediately below the navigation bar indicates the title of the page. Any other blue text denotes a hyperlink that can be followed, whether to an institution's own website or to another page within the same World of Learning entry, e.g. a list of Professors or Attached Institutes of a particular university.

To facilitate use of The Europa World of Learning, if an institution - typically a large university - has an entry consisting of more than one page, its main contact details (address, telephone, fax, e-mail and URL, where available) are repeated on every page. If more than one set of contact details is displayed, those most pertinent to the current page are displayed immediately below the page heading. Contact details given at the foot of the page are those of the parent institution.

Clicking a URL links to the relevant organization's website, which will open in a separate browser window.

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