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The Europa World of Learning 2008

"I can't imagine why any library would not opt to give its users greater, enhanced access to valuable information via the web-based product. Highly recommended."
- Reference Reviews

"For users seeking a quick, easy-to-use, one-stop source for information on academic institutions located around the world, the online version of The World of Learning will prove to be popular and useful." - Booklist

"Simply the best reference guide to the academic world." - Book News Inc.

"... current, well indexed, and well edited - a valuable and unique reference classic. An online version complements the print edition and offers browse functions and frequent updates. Summing Up: Highly recommended." - Choice

"The World of Learning should be made available in every library, in every university, in every country." - Middle East Business Review

"If a library does not have The World of Learning it does not belong to the world of learning." - World Affairs Report

"The best single reference book on international scholarship." - The Times Literary Supplement

"Comprehensive and easy-to-use, this is an essential source of information on higher education on a world-wide scale." - The Biologist

"... this will remain the one absolutely standard directory for every higher education and related institution throughout the world, as well as for anybody who deals with these institutions to any extent." - Reference Reviews

"This is by far the best international directory on the subject." - American Reference Books Annual

"This is the most marvelous book any library and any laboratory in the Life Sciences can possess" - Cellular & Molecular Biology

"... this offers quite unrivalled coverage, both for its comprehensiveness and accuracy. It is truly a bible for higher education throughout the world." - Reference Reviews

"It is probably the most comprehensive guide to the Academic world available." - Middle East Business Review

" ... a model reference book in almost every respect." - Reference Reviews

"This remains a quite essential purchase for many libraries." - Reference Reviews

"For its coverage and accuracy this remains a classic: it is an essential standing order for every higher education library and for every major reference collection." - Reference Reviews

"Our admiration remains unabated for this monumental reference work." - World Affairs Report

"The World of Learning is unrivalled in its depth of practical and reliable information - an invaluable tool for the research worker and the occasional browser alike." - International Civil Defence Organization

"The World of Learning is the classic reference book." - Asia Pacific Business Review

"The World of Learning lives up to its publishers claim to be 'the most comprehensive and reliable guide to the academic world in the English language'" - Royal Institute of International Affairs

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